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The crypto community are a collective of dreamers. We dream we have mounted the right noble steed and hope one day to see a horn upon it's nose as we ride it off into the golden sunset.

A parody of Marina Abramovic's performance artwork, The Hero 25FPS, reimagined and performed as a commentary of the hopes and dreams of the crypto community. theZEROhero25FPS is a (very) short film, fractionalised into a GIF NFT collection of 125 5-frame clips. The collector chooses how many clips they would like to have included within their NFT, and from which part of the film. The NFTs are made to order and sold on a first come, first served basis.

ORDER NOW - Follow the link to find out more, watch the full film and place your order: - Clip price: ₳50 for Claudashians - ₳75 for Claudashi-nons.