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The only Anarchic Ape Art Pop Parody Experience you need to know about

I'm an anarchic indie artist, who entered the Cardano art scene back in December 2021. Coming from a background of traditional art mediums, along with a long career in Graphic Design, I stumbled upon the potential of blockchain technology as a platform to publish digital artwork, and haven't looked back since. I'm the by-product of both the exciting art revolution that NFTs bring, and the boredom of seeing the same tired art approach and project model being regurgitated over and over again. I believe that blockchain technology brings an incredible opportunity for independent artists, to directly connect with collectors and share their creativity with the world. Yet it's the repetitive, algorithmically generated PFP collectibles which take up most of the attention in the scene. I'm here to champion an art first approach to NFTs, to advocate the simple idea of collecting digital artworks and to support those creating it for the right reasons.


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