General FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Kreate! Don't see your question
answered here? Contact us on Discord!
At the top right, click Login. Then, continue with your Google account. We have a video guide here on how to get started in 2 minutes!
Mint-on-Demand starts at ~3.95 ADA. Our protocol charges 0.5 ADA per Edition minted in the transaction, or 2 ADA, whichever is higher. The rest are network fees.
You can choose to simply Enable Mint-on-Demand, without minting any of the supply to yourself. This will cost the minimum of ~3.95 ADA.
Yes, just set the number of Editions (token supply) to 1.
Yes, just set the price of your Artwork to 0 ADA. Collectors will pay only ~2.5 ADA in transaction fees (2 ADA platform fee and 0.5 ADA in network fee). For discoverability, we also recommend adding the #freemint hashtag to your Artwork!
Go to$your-ada-handle, log in, and start customising your Collector's Gallery by creating Exhibits and organising your acquisitions for display!
Yes!! Hop into our Discord and inquire about our Kreate Artist Kickstarter program. If you make a Kreate Profile, and share your creative process with us, we can send you 30 ADA to mint your first 7 Artworks! Invite another Artist friend and we’ll send you an extra 30 ADA!
That's in the works! Global Edition Offers, Secondary Sale Royalties (reseller fees), and asset lifecycle history are all going to be key components of our secondary/resale market!
Nami, Eternl, Flint, Gero, Typhon and VESPR.
To Collect via the VESPR Mobile app, open the VESPR browser, enter the website, and Connect Wallet using the Eternl option. (I know, it sounds weird. I promise we'll add a proper VESPR option soon.)
24:7. If you have an image that is 3:1, that fits pretty close, too.
300 MB at the moment. If you need to upload a larger file, please contact Support via Discord.
On your Artwork's page, click on the three dots […], Edit Artwork, and change the Title, Description, and Metadata as you wish. To make modifications to the media files associated with your Artwork (e.g. re-upload a fixed picture), please contact support in our Discord.
Those are ADA Handle NFTs owned by the user. They're used as substitutes for the long addr1 addresses, making it easy to send tokens on Cardano to other users. You can mint a Handle (or multiple!) for yourself here: longer handles with more characters are cheaper, and shorter handles are rarer and more expensive.
ADA Handles are used on our platform in the URLs of custom Collectors' Galleries.$kreate is an example.
If you created your Policy ID with a non-custodial minting service, you can follow this 2-minute video guide here on how to import your Policies automatically.
If you minted with a custodial minting service (the keys to the Policy are not yours), then please contact support in our Discord so we can manually import your Policies for you. What we'll need from you to manually import are:
  • Your wallet address
  • Your Policy ID(s)
  • The URL(s) of your target Kreate Collection
  • Txn ID (we will ask you to self-send an arbitrary amount of ADA)
You must be a Verified Artist before you can request manual importation. Please introduce yourself and your creative process in the #artists-verify-here channel.
We haven't yet implemented proper Mobile support. Currently, Collectors can purchase Artworks through the VESPR wallet browser. It's not yet possible for Artists to Enable Mint and List Artworks on Mobile.
Verified Artists have been transparent about their creative processes, and demonstrated they do the work they say they do in creating their Artworks. For example, an illustrator who says they hand-draw their works has posted their WIPs or a timelapse video of themselves creating the work. Artist verification is optional, but helps assure Collectors that they aren't purchasing stolen works.
Hop into our Discord and introduce yourself and your creative process in the #artists-verify-here channel! If you've already shared your creative process on the platform, e.g. in a WIP Collection, we're pretty quick to verify your Profile even before you enter the Discord.
You can Enable Mint-on-Demand for up to one million Editions for an Artwork.
We're currently building functionality to make it possible to see who purchased and owns your Artworks. For now, you can enter your token's Asset ID into and see current holders.
The current list is posted in our Discord, under the Info category in #to-do-list.
Yes, please! We have a Product Dev Forum in our Discord. Post your request there so the rest of the community can comment on it and upvote!
Your priorities are our priorities! Please post your request on the Product Dev Forum in our Discord, or, if you see a thread requesting it already, upvote it and Reply with a comment. We'll see that it's an important feature to more users and bump it up in development priority.
We have a Virtual Office Fridge full of Artists and Collectors alike talking about Kreate. Check it out!
Our YouTube Channel has both video guides and Art Showcases! Check it out! ✨
There are two things that could be happening:
  • You have enough Total ADA, but not enough Available ADA. Any tokens held in your wallet also lock up ADA! Check your wallet to see how much of your ADA has been locked to Collateral and tokens.
  • You have enough Available ADA, but your ADA is spread out across many UTXOs in very small amounts. This is equivalent to having 100 dollars in cash, all spread out into separate 1-dollar bills. This commonly occurs if you spend more frequently than receive ADA. You can "stack" your dollar bills together by receiving or self-sending ADA.
If these problems continue to persist and you’re confident that you have enough available ADA collated in a UTXO to transact, please contact support in our Discord or Twitter, and send us your wallet address to inspect.