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The Lost ramblings of a Multi-Hopping Druid

Bio geography would be pinned to the material. That's a Time stamper by trade - and an arff decent one this time round. Easier than the soot and sharp stones put it that way.....what else ? Got some younglings that are battling against being just that. My greatest teachers to date by a country's stretch. "remember to play" such a great lesson. one nipper and two Nancie Sinartras and the portal that brought them here .... the love of my lives.... Then of course there is my triad Threefold Bold, My threadrunning brathas, the nomads and those rising. That's my wealth anyway, everything else is background props The "art" welll .... got me there hmmmmmmm still trying to figure that one out but its been with me since the beginning I think. I may have offered myself up as some form of conduit for others but recollecting such bargains is a task within itself.


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